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Time to Give

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

#loveyourskin and #naturallybeautiful which accompany every post on social media.

I know the products I make work and have helped so many, however I feel that I have fallen way short on the education side of things and actually helping you see the signs that your skin is giving you. I also feel there are other ways to help, not just with skin health, but that I could put my skills to work to help so many others. Not only can I help my customers, but I can help those in need.

So over the last few months we have been working hard here and focusing 90% of our time to making awareness ribbon bath bombs. I will tell you it has been a struggle I have not faced in a long time! Recipes have been changed, tweaked, adjusted, scrapped and started all over again to create something that would work. Not only does it need to work in the bath bomb mold I needed to be able to hand paint the color (and which color, any idea how many different pinks are out there?) and still work the way I insist our bath bombs should. Foam, colors, spin and nothing but softness for the skin.

We have successfully created a product I am thrilled to display and promote. Our breast cancer awareness ribbons are now available on our website at:

They will also be available at retail stores around Saskatchewan once I have built up enough stock to sustain each retailer. Keep in mind that only retailers that believe in the cause will be selling these bath bombs. The entire point of them is 'giving' and although I do understand everyone has bills to pay I refuse to take money from the charity to give to a company for their shelf space.

What charity did we choose for these beautiful pink bombs? The Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan! That's right, all money raised will be staying in Sask and actually making a difference to those affected by cancer. And all types of cancer. Yes, these ribbons are pink but cancer affects more than just the boobs! In our family alone we had 3 women battling varying types of breast cancer at the same time, I had an Uncle and a close family friend that both won their battles with prostate cancer, I lost a Grandpa to bone cancer and a Grandma to lung cancer. And this is just my family. Just one family in one little section of Saskatchewan.

When I decided to do the awareness ribbon bath bombs I asked my Mom which charity she thought made the biggest difference. She is one of the women I spoke of above that battled and beat breast cancer. She was there with others, fighting the same war but a totally different battle than others. It is in honor of her struggle, her fight, and her positive attitude, the support she had and all the loved ones that helped her get through this terrifying ordeal, that we offer this option of helping others to our customers.

You can read all about the charity, what they do, who they help and what they need here:

if you would like to donate without buying a bath bomb the link for that is here:

"With more than 5,600 newly diagnosed cancer cases each year, we believe now is the time to act.".(Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan)

We have recently found an artist that will make stencils for our bombs free of charge. We are so lucky to have found Crystal, ( ) truly a soul that wants to help! So thank you my friend you have helped make my dream come true. So not only are we able to make beautiful bath bombs and donate the proceeds ( $3.00 from every bath bomb sold) but we can also do bulk customization orders. Either with a name or title air brushed on each bath bomb. They will be done in their own batch and will take time for stencils to be made, bombs to be made, dried, painted and stenciled so we do ask for some time to get that done and a batch is 10 bombs. We are also able to custom make awareness ribbons for your fundraising efforts!

The possibilities have now become endless. Stay tuned to our social media for future announcements and collaborations with this and the many adventures to come!

Let's make a difference together 💞

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